525-2121 CarGO Tipper2

525-2121	CarGO Tipper2

CarGO Tipper2

Tipper trailers joined the Brian James Trailers range in 2009 with the first generation proving our unique solutions to many of the long standing design challenges. Tipper2 had to be incredibly robust, yet able to carry and tip meaningful loads. It had to be high enough for site access and tipping ability, yet possess a low centre of gravity for best towing and loading performance. We feel that nearly 40 years of experience have been employed wisely in devising unique and successful solutions to these challenges. Expect the best. Tipper2 will provide it.
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in stock NOW   April 2022  


525-2121 - 3.1 x 1.7m, 3.5t, 2 Axle, 12in wheel, Tipper 2

  • DIMENSIONS:3.2m x 1.71m
  • TOWN:Wellington, Somerset
  • DISTANCE:0 miles
  • PRICE FROM:£ 5,009.00


Price: £3929 (ex. VAT)